Myth vs Fact



1. Wolves are prone to, and will attack humans.

    Truth-There has been only 2 documented and proven wolf fatalities on this continent in the last 100 years. 1 in Alaska in 2010 and the other in Canada. No other documented attack in any other state in the U.S. The wolf would rather run from human beings than engage in contact. To them, humans are the predator. It is more likely one would get struck by lightning than attacked by a wolf.


2. Cattle ranching is destroyed by wolves attacking livestock.

    Truth-Wolves account for 0.2 percent of livestock losses. That isn't even one percent. Many more are killed by disease, respiratory illnesses, bad weather, etc. Even the stray dog killings of cattle account for 0.6 percent. That is more than from wolf attacks. And ranchers have options to protect their cattle from wolf attacks such as better fencing, guard dogs, and even riders who patrol.  There are states that even reimburse the rancher for losses due to wolf attacks.


3. There are too many wolves in the U.S. already.

    Truth-The gray wolf-which is the most common to North America-was listed as endangered via Federal Protection until 2010, when it was taken off the list. There are many states that still list them as endangered, however the other states have "wolf management" programs that include trapping and killing along with wolf killing seasons. Some states have wolf killing contests for money.


4. Wolves raised in captivity make good pets.

   Truth-While it is true that wolves and dogs share over 99 percent of the same DNA and the dog is a subspecies to the wolf, the wolf is still unpredictable due to its wild nature while the dog has actually been bred to live with humans and be domesticated. Wolfdogs have very different needs than a normal dog and should not be adopted by anyone who has not done their homework.


5. Wolves are more dangerous than dogs.

   Truth-The domestic dog is responsible, in one way or another, for over 2,500,000 incidents involving humans and some sort of attack resulting in at least 20 fatalities per year. Confirmation via necropsy and investigation shows there has been one fatality involving a wolf pack and a human in the last 100 years in the United States and this was in remote Alaska in 2010.


6. Wolves kill other animals just for sport.

   Truth-Wolves have basic needs just like any other animal –to protect itself and its family and to eat. The killing of its prey is just for those needs. Unlike humans a wolf cannot form the sadistic intent just to torture for sport.


7. All wolves carry deadly diseases such as rabies.

   Truth-Just like domestic dogs there have been instances where wolves have had rabies but unlike domestic dogs the number of rabies infected has been low and shown no threats to people.


8. People that advocate for wolves are just emotional.

   Truth-Wolf advocates base their information on tons of research and the real facts that are out there. For some reason this is not public knowledge. There is a plethora of information disputing all of the wolf myths to show this animal just wants to survive alongside us. Interactions are forced upon the wolf by humans as we build into their natural habitat and expect them to leave. Would you leave your home?